My Biblical Positions

April 14, 2013
  1. Jesus is Lord
  2. Trinity is monotheism
  3. Bible is true and without error
  4. Christianity is a religion
  5. Evangelism is commanded
  6. Discipleship must follow
  7. Bible is God centered on Jesus
  8. Salvation is by faith alone
  9. Salvation is a work of God
  10. God defines how the church worship
  11. Jesus promised to build/defend the Church
  12. God gave/defined marriage to the world
  13. God made men as image-bearers
  14. Husbands must love their wives
  15. Husbands are to lead their families
  16. Wives are to submit to their husbands
  17. God decides who he saves
  18. Spiritual gifts fully continue today
  19. Dividing the family isn’t biblical
  20. Age-segregated ministry isn’t biblical
  21. Baptist by immersion is commanded
  22. Only men can be pastors-elders
  23. Lord’s Supper is commanded
  24. Parents are primary teachers for their children
  25. There is only one human race
  26. There are two types of people
  27. Jesus will return bodily to judge the wicked
  28. The Church is both universal and local
  29. Sin is real and enslaves people
  30. Satan is real and ruthless towards the redeemed
  31. Kingdom of God is what matters
  32. Mankind is born enemies
  33. Bible doesn’t contradict itself

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