That’s Christianity?

July 30, 2013
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There’s something floating around local churches, books, blogs, articles, and the mouth of “babes” that there’s such a thing as a difference between guidelines and grace. Either Christianity is a relationship or it’s nothing else, because it surely couldn’t be and wouldn’t entertain the idea of rules and regulations. But I’m afraid there’s something much bigger on the rise with this premise.

Either Christianity is defined by its founder explained by its founding document OR it’s whatever you individually want to make it to fit your particular needs. In other words, we either have Christianity or we have nothing. As I type this, I realize that many folks subscribe to the teaching that “Jesus only wants a relationship” runs wilder than wildfire. This teaching is heralded from pulpits all over. I’m not here to point fingers; I’m here to point towards the Light. I do understand how bold of a stand I’m taking by creating this blog post, but this isn’t about me. It’s bigger than me…it’s bigger than those who disagree with me. This is about the Gospel!

God sends Jesus to save people joined together in a group called a church empowered by the Holy Spirit to mature into Christ and make disciples for Christ. Don’t be ashamed to consider Christianity a big ol’ factory that God elects, Jesus died for, the Spirit empowers, and Christians in turn obey and exhibit fruit. This has been going on for many centuries. Twenty to be exact. In fact, as Church history tells us, Acts 2 tells us of a group of 3,000 believers being joined together, eating together, living together, selling their things together, hearing the Word together, worshipping Jesus together, in the face of death and despair together. Now it’s true that a relationship was created and fostered, And let us not forget that Jesus died for the Church and will return to earth to live with her forever!

So when you hear someone talk about relationships outside the confines of Christianity, ask yourself this question: that’s Christianity? No, it’s not. It’s a step or two removed from what the Gospel is about. It’s a faded and forgotten image of what truth used to be. It’s syncretism at best and heresy at its worst. This is what it’s missing. The cross is centered and the Church stands at the foot of that wooden symbol. That is Christianity.


What The Church Can Take Away From State vs Zimmerman

July 17, 2013
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July 13th is a day that race relations stock plummeted. Why? Because a court case released their verdict on a Saturday night that set social media ablaze. Everybody had something to say, both in favor of the court’s ruling and in opposition. But here is what I believe the Church can extrapolate from the case.

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God’s Wonderful Plan For My Life

July 3, 2013
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I, for one, loathe this phrase as it’s used by a parachurch ministry to evangelize any lost person. So I’m choosing to use this phrase toward a saved person who doesn’t need to be evangelized. I’m using it on myself people!

God has through his son, Jesus, given me an opportunity to understand how Jesus relates to the church AND how God treats his covenant people. How did God do this for me? 5 years ago he allowed me to marry. And tomorrow we’ll welcome our twins into the world. That’s how! That’s God’s wonderful plan for my life – be a husband like Jesus to his bride and be a father like God to his children.

Sanctification is his plan. Marriage and parenting sanctifies people. Makes them holy. Purifies their soul. And I get to enjoy all of this for life people.