Since God is Silent, We are Quiet

April 25, 2014
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I have racked my brain many times over as to why prayer is usually the hardest thing for Christians to get into and stay involved in doing. I initially charged folks with not trusting Jesus and calling them unfaithful. That was wrong. I believe most do trust Jesus and still struggle for other reasons, so calling them unfaithful is not loving nor on point. Then I charged folks with just being lazy. That too was wrong. Laziness isn’t always a symptom for lack of prayer.

Well now I guess it’s fair to say I’m lobbing another charge at those who don’t pray or struggle to. But this time, I’m including myself in this charge as I recognized it in myself first.

I speak audibly. People hear me and I hear myself. I also speak internally and hear myself there. I speak with people and they speak back most of the time. Then it dawned on me – I can hear myself and others but I can not hear God. And since God is silent, I’m quiet. Maybe he’s turned his face from me? Perhaps my prayers are just like the Pharisees? It’s possible that all of my words of worship are for me and not him, and my being quiet builds from that. Just maybe I’m not the only one.

But God hears his people, so be encouraged. God is more faithful to his covenant than we are, so be encouraged. God has asked us to call out to him, so be encouraged. God desires that we want him more than we want our preferences, so be rebuked and then be encouraged. God is not silent. He has spoken. And we get to read his words anytime we want. So pray!



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