Masking Arrogance

October 21, 2014
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“You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason frankly with your neighbor, lest you incur sin because of him.”

When Moses penned these words in Leviticus, he singlehandedly hit nerves that spanned century after century after century. Why? Because he laid out how in a very real, practical way that we ought to love our neighbors. But who are our neighbors? Well it probably depends on who you ask. Some in certain theological circles only consider others who think and speak like them to be their neighbors. Some in other theological circles seem to piously pick those in other camps as their neighbors to somehow show how their theology causes them to be mobile….to be loving….to be Christlike.

Just imagine what the Christian life in the West would look like if we stopped masking our arrogance and starting admitting our arrogance. We Americans are a very proud people. We say we can’t help it because we’re part of the greatest nation, but I think the Creator would beg to differ over that opinion. Nevertheless, we pound our chest with pride and walk with a swagger solely because we have assumed an entitled arrogance. This arrogance follows us into our homes, schools, businesses, churches, and even in solitude. Oddly enough it never follows us when we stand in the mirrors.

Out of arrogance, we operate. Therefore, out of arrogance, we view and judge people who are either in our neat and preferred box or those outside our preferences with no desire to be accepted by us, the gatekeepers. I know this because I’m just as guilty. But instead of masking our arrogance, perhaps we should rethink our position before our Creator. Getting perspective is always a great piece of humble pie that we’re never too full to partake of.

Just maybe we can begin to choose initially to reason with our neighbor made in the same image that we are regardless if they’re saved or not, reformed or not, sympathetic to the black plight or not, or desiring to raise his kids up faithfully or not. We’ll choose to reason and not hate. We’re not better than them. And what’s at the end of our choice – sin. Moses told us way back then that we can sin if we choose wrongly. Let that permeate your heart and mind next time you begin to view your neighboring brother as someone not worthy of your acceptance.


Church Planter

October 20, 2014
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Who would’ve thunk it? Not me!

The Lord saw it fit to create in me a burning passion. This passion has become a crystallized desire for me. I can speak about this for hours now. I can show forth from Holy Writ just why God has been concerned about this passion since the Torah. How God called Abraham to be the father of many nations which naturally would include Gentiles, i.e. those who are at odds with Jews. Oh, and God did that by calling a Gentile to be the forerunner of the Jews, his covenant people.

My desire, inspired by a dear brother and pastor friend of mine, is to see a variety of people groups come together under the banner of Jesus Christ and form a tapestry. Yes, a tapestry. The opposite of multiculturalism. By that I mean that our differences aren’t supposed to disappear, they are supposed to interweave and interlock with the other people’s differences. By creating that tapestry, through the work of the Spirit, results in a blended local church set on reaching people who look like and who don’t look like them for the sake of Jesus in the outreaching belief of the gospel.

I welcome the life of the church planter.