Faith For Ferguson

December 13, 2014
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Has the smoke cleared yet?

Have all sides said all they need to say?

Are you not entertained?

These three questions have racked my brain for some time. The dust settles and then gets met by a blow duster. The opposing sides cease fire until someone new joins one of the crowds. Media continues to eat this up as more and more statements are being made and then aired on outlets. Now here’s my final question.

Has Ferguson evoked true faith?

Faith in God being in total control over all of these movable parts? Faith in Jesus being the person’s only hope in such dire stressful moments? Faith in humanity that there are in fact some, believing and not, that do want to restore value and dignity to mankind person by person? Faith in the local church as there are some pastors not afraid to talk about these social ills and how the gospel interacts and aggressively intersects all of them? Faith in yourself to express your opinion, listen to other’s, empathize where needed, reject the highly octane-infused ones, and seek to increase awareness and dialogue?

As a believer, I want to hear from the streets and the church. I want both to be welcomed to the table, or front porch, to discuss these types of incidents that strike fear and anger in the hearts of American citizens. And yes I realize I am showing bias towards America with that statement, but for good reason. Nowhere else has the black man been deemed 3/5 of a person and still treated that way in smaller and smaller occurrences since the founding of a country.

Though it’s incredibly easy to scream ‘Maranatha, Lord Jesus’, I’d rather scream “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” knowing that it will take great amounts of wisdom to listen and speak effectively to see change come about even if folks never repent of their sins and trust in Jesus.


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