Thanksgiving Thoughts Pt 1 | November 26, 2015

I’m a Christian and I’m struggling with being thankful.

There, I said it.

I’m unsure if I’d be able to let a comment like that escape from my mind. Why? Fear of man. Fear of ridicule. Fear of shaming Christians everywhere and giving ammunition to haters of Christianity everywhere.

So, why today of all days?

This is normally the day most Christians, real and nominal, get on social media and say all that they’re thankful for followed by a scripture verse and fancy hash tag. Well, today is the day I let my mind show that it’s being renewed by the Spirit and not being held captive to the oh so infamously powerful fear of man.

I say it’s being renewed by the Spirit because confessing sins and being transparent is something only the Spirit produces in Christians. There’s not a single believer that I know that would in his or her flesh ever dare to be open and honest with the masses, even close friends, about things that are a struggle for them in light of what true Christianity is supposed to be.

I say it’s being renewed by the Spirit because God is showing me that it’s fair healthier to be clear about what’s heavy on my heart, bring it to him, and then share it with others. After all, God does use my spiritual siblings to comfort and build up one another. Those easily forgotten one-another verses ought to play a bigger part in the daily lives of Christians than they do.

I say it’s being renewed by the Spirit because Jesus said that the world will know that believers are the body of Christ by displaying the love we have for one another. Meaning if believers are steadily fronting about being too blessed to be stressed, then the world will know that we’re lying and only care about looking like we have it all together. The world will also not see how the body mourns with those who mourn in tangible ways.

I say it’s being renewed by the Spirit because the Spirit has reminded me that God saved me while an enemy of his, that Jesus died for all my fears of man and delusions of perfection, and that the Spirit is my everyday Helper so that I can be honest with myself and others realizing that my Trinitarian God knows and sees all.

So I encourage you readers this day to be thankful in addition to being honest about the struggle to actually be thankful. Although I’m making this known online, do know that I’ve done it in person first, have prayed, have done in other forms of social media before getting on my blog to encourage others. It is through prayer that I’ve realized what God the father, son, and spirit did for me this morning. May God do the same for you.


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