Newmanity and Imago Dei

January 18, 2016
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Blasphemy. Did I hear that right? Does choosing to forget one’s imago dei equate blasphemy? We’ll return back to this.

God is the creator of humankind. I hope we can all agree on that. God is the creator, and every man, woman, and child are the creatures. God made every man, woman, and child in his image and likeness. The onesĀ  you love, the ones you hate, and the ones you care to not even recognize. Every human being has the image of God on them. They were created that way. They will always be that way.

When you look at these people who fall into those 3 categories, do you consider this? Does their creation and glorification imago dei ever cross your mind and influence how you think about and treat them?

Now let’s go back to my original question – are you guilty of blasphemy for not accrediting to these image bearers worth, respect, and dignity simply because they have God’s imago dei on them? Please think that over before rushing to a conclusion.

Grace and Peace


On a Day Like Today

January 18, 2016
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January 15th is the man’s birthday. January 18th is the holiday bestowed unto us by the Country. Every year, it’s an issue of whether one gets the work or school day off, or if a minority chooses to be so bold by taking it off regardless.

Today, I don’t have that battle. My job decided to close its doors this Monday allowing me to remember, honor, and write about this man’s powerful yet often missed influence. On a day like today, many will go back in their minds or with photos to the epic I Have a Dream speech in Washington, D.C. Recalling the famous words of his children being able to play with other children of ethnicities without being judged. I grew up seeing posters on school walls with those words imprinted on them. Maybe because they spoke of a such a great, inspiring message. Maybe because there were classrooms with different ethnicities in them. Or maybe because those were the only words considered safe enough to place on a poster and then taped to a school wall.

Forgive me for being cynical and skeptical, but I happen to think it’s the latter. I grew up going to a school that never celebrated diversity. A school that never addressed ethnic injustice. A school that only mentioned Martin Luther King, Jr once a year. So it’s hard for me to think they took his words seriously. In fact, it’d be hard to think that about any man who made an impact on this nation if he were treated the same.

It’s like that Chris Rock joke was already written on the wall and just came to fruition after he said it. “Every answer in school was Martin Luther King for black history month. Who was the soldier guarding the tomb? Martin Luther King! Who invented the stoplights? Martin Luther King! Who was the woman who refused to move to the back of the bus? Ooooh, are you sure it was a woman?……I got it, Martina Luther King.”

Sounds depressingly pathetic I know, but when he’s highlighted as the blacks savior both by Blacks and Whites, it’s almost impossible to walk away thinking he didn’t do it all. So on a day like today, Americans can reflect on all the things this man did for his country, his people, and the future generations in such a way that shows how appreciative we are for his sacrifice.

I think back to him willing to be arrested and attacked for a disenfranchised group. For him traveling while being watched by the FBI to protest in a non-violent manner. For him doing what he felt God called him to do which took him away from his family a lot. Yes his speeches and his letters from the jail are what most read and talk about, but he was so much more. He addressed the social ills in our country that many were unable to articulate while others cared less to hear.

So telling a story of sacrifices is how I choose to celebrate this day.

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January 1, 2016
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The Trinity in their infinite wisdom saw fit to setup an institution that would impact societies in a lasting way.

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