BHM and Leap 2016

March 1, 2016
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Today is a mighty busy leap day! Folks are finally getting to celebrate their birthdays on their actual¬†birthday date. Folks are talking heavily about the Oscars, who wore what and how shocked they are at what Chris Rock said (I’m guessing they’ve never watched one of his standups if they’re shocked). Folks are talking about who to vote for while urging family and friends to not vote for Donald Trump. Trump is denying all knowledge and connections with David Duke and the KKK. Basically, the streets is talkin’!

Very few folks have spoken up about the end of black history month. I’m not real surprised at that. People do eventually get tired of talking about famous and meaningful dead black men and women. And I get that. But I do wish to end on an important note.

The history of America and the majority culture¬†needs to accept all that’s happened on the leap days and all the contributions of black men and women who were born and raised in America. It’s time for the ones in power to have a seat at the table with those who maybe crave power or are under ones in power, and have an honest conversation. Hopefully this can happen before another 4 year intersection of election, leap day, and BHM.

I don’t know where this discussion is best needed to occur. All I know is it’s not just something for the cameras. I’d love to see several talks in big cities in every state where police chiefs, school superintendents, stay at home moms, single working moms, two household families, and small business owners sit down and get real. As a Christian, I know what the answer is. I don’t know what to offer to those who have no precedent set for them to see exactly what Jesus accomplished with his death, but there’s got to be some sort of headway made.

I pray for peace in my city, but I wish it’d extend far beyond this territory. May we be catalysts to this great change and have an even better reason to leap come 2020.


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