Justification: A New Look | January 2, 2017

I merely want to introduce an idea I’ve stumbled upon in the last few days that has a great present-day impact on our lives. Ironically, this idea isn’t an old one but hopefully a helpful one.

When Christians think of the doctrine of justification, often the reality of something negative happening is on the forefront of theological minds. What I mean is that justification centers around the fact that God the Father punished God the Son, Jesus, on the cross for the sins of those who would believe to the point that Jesus cries out “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me” while experiencing the separation and excruciating pain.

I would like to introduce the something positive happening that has massive implications for the Christian life.

The doctrine of justification also tells of God the Son, Jesus, stepping in the place of those who would believe in order to secure justice for God the Father and redemption for those he stood in for. This is the new look on justification that isn’t highlighted nearly enough. And here’s why – it seems most Protestant churches joyously prefer to take the lowly position of forever being unworthy, unable to please God (though they have faith and the indwelling Spirit), a love for the tradition set before them by their heroes that did not highlight it, and others I’m sure.

Here are the implications of highlighting the positive: standing in the gap for others who need help achieving justice. This is where things get hairy and we’ll deal with this in the next blog, but I will say this: a justified people are also a justice people.


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