Free Will Problem Solved | March 15, 2017

Titles can be so gripping that it attracts different types of people to come forward to read what comes after the title in order to disagree, agree, or simply say “I figured it wasn’t gonna be worth much.” And yet here you are for whatever your reason may be. So allow me to be straight forward with this gripping title.

I believe I have solved the free will problem in this world as it’s found in the Bible. I say this because I’ve studied this subject much and have read the so-called leading minds in this debate. Often the discussion begins with philosophy, weaves in bible doctrine, and ends with a bang. For many years I’ve followed suit, and until recently, I began to question my approach.

Genesis 1 and 2 layout for us two things: what God created and for what purpose. It was that second thing that I tended to overlook. God created the sun and moon and stars to do their created functions. Do you see? God created the plants to grow, be beautiful, develop, and be food. Do you see? God created Adam and Eve to bear his image, have children, take care of the garden they inherited, and obey God. That was their function. Do you see?

Free will means freedom. Freedom to do what you were created to do. Adam and Eve had free will. Once they sinned, they lost their free will. They were no longer living in liberation. They were enslaved. Bearing children only left them enslaved. Cain and Abel actually lived out their lives being enslaved. Do you see?

All of the talk about having free will often goes undefined and detached to what God created the first humans to do. The new creation state of believers is a wrinkle that doesn’t get put into the equation, and that’s a problem too.


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