Sow Wisely But Everywhere | June 12, 2017

It wasn’t until that magic moment occurred where I absolutely had my mind on something else did I come to a grave realization: you’ve been sending mixed signals.

There are times when our actions stem from a single inspiring thought. That thought takes shape and then springs into action. That action can have rippling effects. This can most definitely be a great thing. But then there’s the other side to that coin. The thought hasn’t been tested with other thoughts and most recent actions. The thought doesn’t hold up to the vision and trajectory of life’s inertia. The thought is only prevalently seen coming from our lips and not other crevices. Yes, the action I’m referring to is simply speaking.

So we must be careful about what we say and to what depths that action matches up. For instance, if I as a dad tell my son something that does not allow him to see me do it on a repeated basis, my son may follow suit for a few times or will deduct that dad is a hypocrite, whether it be conscious or subconscious.

However, if I’ve taken the steps to practice said action with him and with others while he is watching, and while he isn’t watching to ensure that it is genuine, then I’ve now placed myself in a position to model something for my son where he is able to see that I have sown a great discipline everywhere in my life. This is the same thing we see from Jesus. All that he spoke of to the crowds he acted out. Even the things we would consider extremely difficult and disloyal, whether it be to our parents or our ethnic groups to whom we identify.

Sow sparingly and you reap sparingly is what the apostle Paul said, and rightly so. But I am saying to all of you readers that sowing in an unwise manner leaves you to reap almost nowhere. There is no return on investment, or it’s very miniscule that you question the worth of such sacrifice. There is no fruit or joy to see and experience to where you begin to doubt the sincerity of your speaking. And in Christian genre focused groups, we can do well in speaking marvelous things that no impact on our lives, and eventually someone will notice.

So let us not be wise in our own eyes as the proverb says, but let us attain wisdom so that we can sow (speak) truth and grace into hearts everywhere that impact us in all of our body areas as well as theirs. For truth is meant to be true everywhere even when we lie and deceive.


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