Costly Courage | September 2, 2017

A lot of talks have been given and hundreds of thousands of blogs have been written on this mere topic of racial reconciliation. I have done both, and I am tired. I have felt the apathy and have sensed my own arrogance. I have felt like giving up because folks were not responding how I wanted them to at the speed I wanted them to. Admittedly I have also had emotional brainstorming times where I’m looking for the right verbal formulas to convince my Black and White brothers and sisters in the Lord to ‘get’ it.

While mental and emotional bewilderment has set in like the early stages of arthritis, I stumbled upon something that gave me hope. A fresh breath of air that made me check my heart, remember what I have seen and heard from folks who made that transition to the bothersome way of living that comes once gospel reconciliation helps a person come alive in a new way. I was no longer confused; just impatient. I was no longer unhappy; just not praying for myself and others. I was no longer arrogant; just not expecting others to do what came so normal for me since we’re spiritual snowflakes.

Here’s what I came to know: to believe and champion the gospel of reconciliation requires a costly courage = call to conviction + show compassion + corporate confession. (This is the what)

Here’s how I came to know: 2 Corinthians 5 is a great reminding passage for believers that Jesus was sent to dwell on earth with a ministry that He has passed onto every generation of believers until He returns – one of reconciliation – where we plead for the nations to come to Christ on behalf of Christ to be made new and whole for the life to come with the many others along that same journey. This ministry mission Jesus passed down is not optional. In fact it is required and a responsibility. (This is the how)

Here’s why I came to know: a covenant identity -> covenant connection with the past -> covenant reconciled work formed at the cross = true for every believer. (This is the why)

It’s going to take me some time to cover this reformation of reconciliation in subsequent blogs, but with the Lord’s help I will finish this before December runs out. I welcome your feedback.


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