Costly Courage: The How

October 11, 2017
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Reconciliation is a required responsibility. A promising privilege. A graceful given.

Normally the talk of reconciliation is centered around the truth that God is making all things new, both creatures and creation. But there’s a crucial piece that comes beforehand that deserves our attention. “Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we try to persuade others” is what Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:11 to a congregation that was reeling. Here on earth, we are physically home in these bodies and yet away from the Lord. We are walking by faith, not by sight, and full of confidence.

But what is our motivation as believers in the new covenant working of God’s grace?

Paul says “we make it our aim to please him” (v9). Realizing that the Lord still has you here on earth as His made new representative, you make it your goal to please him. That’s your personal life goal. As it relates to the goal of others, you fear the Lord and try to convince them.

Paul says “the love of God urges us on” to consider bringing others to belong with us.

How are we to see the others?

Paul says “we [are to] regard no one from a human point of view” as we once did Christ. Assuming the others are of no eternal value. Assuming that God doesn’t place a great value upon their heads. Assuming that we are superior to them. They are now on the same level plane as us. They are made in the image of God. All of them. Even the ones who you may look away from or care to not acknowledge. And they will face eternity when they die. For God created every single person to live eternally – heaven or hell.

What’s so incumbently wrapped up into this way of thinking is this truth that John Calvin spoke to – if we can see mankind and not see ourselves in the mirror, we have erred. In other words, if you don’t see men and women just as valuable, dignified, and significant as you, you won’t care if they go to heaven or hell. You won’t care about persuading them. You won’t care about the love of God prompting you. You simply won’t care.

But God in his grace still allows us to please him even when our aim is off a bit. This is where costly courage comes into play. Society is always changing. Opinions are just as diverse as the weather and winds in every time zone of the world. Truth has never not been absolute regardless of what others may say. The gospel is just as alive today as it was many centuries ago. The courage to make truth known in these trying times has everything to do with our fear of the Lord and our fear of being accepted by people we deem superior.

So we choose to believe that it is from God that people are made new in many types of way. We believe this because Jesus is God and is faithful.