Being F.I.C. – Double Meaning | May 3, 2018

Depending on where you live, what you’ve heard, and which people you follow, the acronym FIC means something to you. It is possible that this acronym is completely foreign to you, and that’s a good thing for this blog writer. For those who are unfamiliar, FIC means Family Integrated Church. It carries baggage in many circles. However, I’m here to suggest a new rendering.

Allow me to give some feedback first. I’m a director of kids ministry in a church that has the goal of seeing the local church resemble the future heavenly kingdom as told in Revelation 5 and 7.

Something I’ve noticed for several years up to the present is that most churches do not have a thriving derived idea of ministry as it pertains to the family. Far too often the focus is on singles and married couples, leaving these two without biblical resources to consider for the children. And in far too many church settings, the children are to be seen and celebrated in ‘little church’ while not being considered vital to the home nor church.

The perplexing points come when churches want to boost their philosophy of ministry that impacts children’s ministry with everything else. Perplexing because the language is rich and helpful and encouraging while the actions are the complete opposite.

So to argue for the FIC, I’m aiming for the church to integrate the reality of the family into the life of the church. The narrative of the gospel depends on the community of God’s people being faithful in their families. It literally touches everything. Their witness. Their impact. Their faithfulness. Their true sign of maturity and discipleship.

But there’s more…..

I’m also arguing for the FIC that stands for fully integrated church. From the recent launch of multi-ethnic churches that use various adjectives to describe their particular church, the desire to fully integrate is part of the DNA. And thank the Lord that it is. However, the disconnect shows itself in integrating both home and church, singles and marrieds, empty nesters and families with kids. Perhaps it is implied, but somehow it comes across as an afterthought instead of an intended goal. So if the church is to promote the unity and diversity of the body ethnically (as it should), how important it ought to be to do so familial-ly.

So that we could have a Titus 2 ministry as well as Deuteronomy 6 ministry as well as Psalm 78 ministry as well as Matthew 28 ministry, and so on. The local church ought not have to pick and choose between lifting up the multi-ethnic commands from the Bible alongside lifting up the families.

I would implore you readers to consider ways to pray for this new FIC implementation that Bible calls believers and church leaders to do.


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