Definite Debate

November 26, 2015
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An overview of the Bible is valuable when discussing any doctrine that’s often debated.


From Procreation to Regeneration

April 6, 2015
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Ever wondered how to understand the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament in a way that’s helpful, simple, and practical?

Me too!

This is often referred to as Biblical Theology, and I happen to find it more pointedly practical than systematic and historical theology for several reasons I hope to lay out in this blog. It’s important upon every believer to be able to see themselves in the story line of God’s Word from the command to go be fruitful and multiply (procreation) in Genesis, to the exhortation to be born again to a living hope in Jesus Christ (regeneration) all over the New Testament. So much beauty, integrity, relief, joy, and hope can be derived from this two-step approach to seeing every single human being in light of God’s Word.

Thanks be to God that sinners and sinning saints have been faithful to procreate. Of course, that natural birth is not accomplished apart from the grace and work of God to bring life into the wombs of so many moms all over the world. This is the starting point of every human being. We’re born in the image of God (imago dei) by the grace of God for the purpose of God-given to our parents.

Another way to look at this is to say that we’re naturally born spiritual orphans. Procreation brings us here spiritually inept and incapable of pleasing God. What a wonderful thing it is know that we’re born in this way under the umbrella of common grace. And in this common grace we’re deserving of death even. How great is our God!

From our natural birth as spiritual orphans, we are then faced with the reality that God sent his son Jesus to come adopt spiritual orphans into God’s family through his perfect substitutionary sacrificing death and perfect resurrection. We call this the gospel. Upon seeing, hearing, and thinking upon this truth, spiritual orphans repent of their offensive living and believe in the only redeeming factor God’s given to man, Jesus Christ. Then we can transition from spiritual orphans to spiritual children; from procreation to regeneration; from to lost to redeemed; from natural creations to new creations; from mortality to immortality.

Normally a biblical theology would pinpoint certain verses along the way to help track us through the Bible, and I’m all for that. But on this blog, instead of having you flip through your Bible, and run your mouse over every link I can find to put in here, I’d rather you consider who you are and where you are. Have you been redeemed? Are you still a spiritual orphan? Have you rejected the only saving means God’s offered you in Jesus? Will you die in your sins without trusting in the sent sacrifice?

I was procreated in 1979 and regenerated in 1994. It was not my plan nor my handiwork to come to salvation when I did. God orchestrated it all, but I did believe and repent. So I ask you, will you take time to consider this format of the story line of the Bible considering where you are and where you can be adopted, no longer an orphan but now a son or daughter of God.


Why The Storyline Matters

May 23, 2014
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Creation. Fall. Redemption. New Creation.

These are not just words that you hear and might use to describe the Bible. They describe the storyline of the Bible. They define how we read, study, and understand the Bible. They detail how we view all people in the world. Everybody born dies. Everybody deserves to hear the great news about Jesus solely because everybody sins.

What if we began to see ourselves, our parents, our children, our relatives, our friends, our coworkers, and our local church members through these 4 words? Would that alter the way you view mankind, marriage, parents, parenting, friendships, and fellowship in general and specific ways?

This is simply a challenge to all of my Christian readers to consider maybe for the first time. For all of my non-Christian readers, allow me to explain these 4 words briefly.

Creation is when God chose to create this world with beauty abounding. He made plants, animals, and people. The first people He made were Adam and Eve. God himself said it was very good.

Fall is when the first people were talking conversing with a talking serpent and believed that God, after saying things were very good, had kept something back from them and their dominion, so they chose to disobey God and sin entered into the world and has attached itself to every human being born since. That includes you and me.

Redemption is when God chose to send God the Son into the world to take on flesh before a world that either didn’t know him, love him, or want him. Jesus, or God with us, lived a life pleasing God and preparing men for that great day when He would die for the sins of the world, and all those who repent and believe would be saved.

New Creation is when God will rid this world of the sin that entered in and make things whole again. Sin will no longer be an issue, neither will death, hatred, racism, or any other ugly, wicked thing this world suffers from. God will be praised by the ones who believed in Jesus and they will live eternally.

Now that we have a synoptic basis for these words, I ask that you consider how this storyline impacts you daily. For this is why the storyline matters.